Saturday, September 13

Single Mom

OK, I'm no where near being a single Mom, but I rely on J so much for things that it really felt like I was this weekend. Lucky for me the girls have behaved beautifully.

Friday after work I cleaned the house (funny how out of place everything can get in just a few days!), and popped a pizza in the oven. I had forgotten about Tiffany's Pampered Chef party. I dropped by to tell her I couldn't make it because I forgot to get a sitter. She told me to bring the girls :)

I hadn't been to a PC party in a few years, so I found some thing I really liked. I ordered a few things and decided to host a show too! Mark your calendars - October 11th.

We got home late, climbed into bed, and watched the new Little Mermaid movie. The girls were out cold in 5 minutes.

We got up, had breakfast, let the dogs out, gave CP her meds, put some laundry away, did some homework (all three of us!), and decided that maybe we should head to Grandma's. On the way out, I got a call from Missy asking if I wanted to go to Kohl's after Robbie's nap. We hung out for a bit, had lunch, and headed to the store. After the shopping fiasco (5 kids, two adults) we thought the kids should burn off some steam at the PlayPlace. We were there for three hours. Time flew. We decided to stay for dinner. The girls & I headed to my Mom's to visit for a while (to drop off the parking pass, look at her new memory card, and to hit them up with the latest fund raisers). The girls fell asleep on the ride home....which leaves me here, typing and waiting up for J who sounds like he's driving home from WI tonight.

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