Tuesday, October 7

Catching Up - the weekend

I finished Cece's tutu Thursday for her party Saturday. She got a ton of dress-up clothes. She & Paige must have changed clothes ten times that day.

I watched Robbie & Megan for a while - which was a piece of cake because Paige spent most of her time at Cece's, and Cadence was napping:

Sunday Missy brought the kids back so Paige could play with Bri. Turns out Rob didn't have to go into work - just had to be on call, so he dropped by too!

Missy & I ditched the kids and the guys and headed to the store to pick up some things in peace. We grabbed a few things for Pamini too since she's headed back to Sri Lanka on Friday :(

We had dinner, out guests went home, and the kids crashed.

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  1. i hope she won't be in sri lanka for long! doesn't her husband live overseas somewhere else?