Wednesday, October 22

Catching up

Monday -

MKTG: week eight

This week is drug awareness week at P's school. Today was "Wear Red Day."

I drove to work this morning and parked at the Center garage instead of the dome garage - was worried I'd forget where I parked at the end of the day, but I remembered.

I stopped by to talk to my Dad before class.

Baby (my sister's Shih Tzu) has a hole in her cornea and is pretty depressed right now (she has to wear a cone) and won't eat or drink.

In the middle of class I realized that I hadn't planned anything for C's birthday party. I sent a text to J, and got the approval for one day this weekend. Missy had mentioned taking the kids to the Halloween Parade Sunday. I have no idea when to have a little get together for her. Lucky for me, my family can be flexible, and C isn't old enough to want a lot of her friends around.

An hour or so later it hit me that my peanut is going to be three in a week.

My mind was wandering - Dr. S was putting me to sleep. Maybe not him, maybe it was the topic. Maybe it was a combination of the two. The dead horse was definitely being beaten. Either way, I thought my head was going to fall.

Class finally ended and I headed to my parents' house to drop off the pass. Typically on Mondays I don't go inside since it ends up being really late. Tonight I had to pee like you would not believe. I keyed-in the door code and heard the door unlock. I turned the knob - it wouldn't budge. I was locked out. Doh! I left the pass where I was supposed to and bolted home.

J, again, waited to have dinner with me after I got home (aww).

Paige heard me come in, hopped out of bed and offered the best hug I've had in a while.
I tucked her back in, took a shower and hopped in bed.

Tuesday -
Today was Crazy Sock Day at P's school (the kids focused on exercising their right to walk away from drugs). When we got to daycare, I opened P's door and she immediately asked if I would carry her inside. I told her no since she was getting too big. She started whining and said "But Mommy, I don't have my shoes on." I asked her why she'd take her shoes off, and asked where they were. Turns out she never put them on since it was crazy sock day. I couldn't help but laugh. She's so cute. I took her inside so she could have breakfast while J & I headed back home to get her shoes.

Today was also P's turn to bring in the Mystery Bag. She put one of her beach towels in the bag and practiced her clues.

Dr. K left me a message about Paige's ADHD surveys and wanted us to come in to talk about things. We made an appointment for the 31st. To keep things fair, Dr. K will also be taking a look at Cadence that day for her three year check-up.

I got an e-mail from my Mom (forwarded from my Aunt) about my cousin Ashley. She's having a really really tough time right now and could certainly use our prayers. Please say a little prayer for her, ok?

I spent most of the night editing pictures from the weekend to show off to you all shortly!

Wednesday -
Today was Hat Day for P. We don't have any hats she's interested in wearing - so she chose a hoodie since it's kind of like a hat. Love that kid.

J's working late tonight so I drove today and got a really great parking spot in the dome garage. That's a pretty big deal for me :) It significantly reduced my chances of getting accosted while walking to my car.

J came in to work at Noon and dropped by to bring my lunch (aww). This was after he had already made me a sandwich this morning to take with me (and cut off the crush and sliced it diagonally).

I finished a very rough draft of my MKTG paper (praise the lord) so I get to take the night off from my own homework and help Paige with hers.

AND, I found out my uncle might be taking us to see She Loves You! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! at the Playhouse this weekend. So excited. I haven't been there since J took me to see the Nutcracker before we were married. I'm not sure who is going - J's on call so will stay at home with the girls.

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  1. girl! you must be the busiest woman i know! props for catching us up on the blog. i might have just spent that 25 minutes in solitude!