Thursday, October 2

The Debate

Yesterday after picking the girls up from school, we headed to the store. We were talking about dinner options for Thursday night. I said I'd grab something quick before class. Jason knew there was the possibility that class would be rescheduled so that we could watch the debate. He asked what we should have if I stay home.

Paige, having overheard part of the conversation, smiled and asked if I would be home. I told her that class might be cancelled so that I could watch the debate. Paige smiled again and said "I want to watch the presidential debate."

She's so cute.

Class, indeed, has been cancelled so P and I will be curled up watching the VP debate. She's in for a treat!


  1. awwww..... doesn't that just melt you?

  2. i'd like to see the debates in claymation - that way kids will be interested too!

  3. I'll call the Wash U folks to see if it's early enough to change things around. I'm sure there's a resident clamation-ist that can create scenes near same-time.

    Maybe a few adults would make it through the entire debate that way too.