Friday, October 17

The Doctor

This time it was my turn to see the doctor...routine thyroid check. All is well.

I did have to get a tetanus shot though. Dr. F was running pretty far behind so his new PA came in - she's young, smart, and cute as a button. We talked about my dreaded gall bladder and decided that since managing things with a healthy diet seems to be working, there's no need to undergo surgery just yet. But she mentioned that it's just going to get worse, so I shouldn't ignore it. I've been feeling pretty good lately, but she made me lay back and she poked at it and I felt like I was going to hurl - just a gentle reminder that it's not getting any better.

I tried to register for Spring term and found out I had a health hold. I needed a tetanus shot - was due for one in 2003. My Mom talked the super generous goddess in the health clinic into lifting the hold so I could register, which I did, then she slapped the hold back on. I got the shot this morning (in my left arm in case it became infected and fell off - at least I could still write). So far it's ok, but I'll let you know soon if it does indeed fall off.

No updates until at least Sunday - probably not until Tuesday or Wednesday.

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