Monday, October 13

Grandma's House

Sunday we headed over to Grandma A's for lunch.

We brought Sadie.

Cadence and Paige spent most of the day outside on bikes and on the four wheeler.

Sadie and Cadence found a duster that sparked their interest.

By the end of the day the two of them were pretty whipped.


  1. Was C driving that Power Wheels all by herself?

  2. Sadie is getting so big! Great shots of her. You are very good at stealing that dog shot. They tend to move pretty fast. Your dog will soon learn to pose for your camera.

  3. I just noticed that her tail is cropped but not her ears. My favorite combination! Have you ever had a boxer whose tail is not cropped? Its a little weapon back there! When the ears stay in tact they look like puppies all their lives.