Friday, October 17

MKTG: week 6 and MGMT: week 7

Monday I didn't have work, but still had to go to class. We got out tests back - I didn't do very well. I thought I was going to puke. Luckily half the grade comes from the research paper so if I nail that, I should be ok.

Like most of the class, I stayed after class to talk to him about the score (it wasn't calculated quite right) - which meant I didn't leave campus until quarter to eleven. I dropped the pass off at my Mom's then headed home. Jason had waited for me to get home to make dinner (bless his heart) so I had a nice warm dinner. We got to bed late, but I'm starting to get used to it.

Thursday we had a guest speaker (former CEO of Laser Vision Centers). He's hilarious...a very interesting man. We got our debate papers back (100%, thank you very much), and went over our third case (on Lee Iacocca). We decided to push back our articles until next week which means I'll have an article to present, the organizational issue paper to turn in, and our group presentation on organizational change (all while working on my MKTG paper which will determine my fate in the class). Lucky for me I'll be in the car for a total of eleven hours this weekend which should give me plenty of time to work on things.

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