Tuesday, October 7

MKTG: Week 6 (I think)

The "cute as a button" professor was back to proctor our exam.

We got out outlines back & every single one of my sources were approved :) I was ecstatic. Now I can go ahead and actually write the paper.

I survived the midterm. It was mostly multiple choice with two essays. Rob hooked me up with a scantron (thanks!) which made my day a lot less hectic.

I stopped by Mom's to drop the pass off but she was still out getting her hair done. So, I stopped inside for a quick chat with my Dad (which turned into over a two hour chat). I'm a bit long winded, and I'm sure he wished I'd leave ;) but he humored me...love that guy.

I headed home (where J had cooked a really good philly cheese steak), got a few things done, and was out cold in an insanely short amount of time.

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  1. mmmmm..... philly cheese steak. now, there's a man who loves you!