Wednesday, October 22

Pull Up a Chair - you may be here a while

Friday -
Paige rolled out of bed and the first thing she said was "We're going to Uncle Kevin's today, right?" She's been pretty excited about this trip.

We left a little after 4:00. I squeezed between P and C in the backseat so we could all watch a few movies together. Paige ended up resting her head right on the achy spot on my arm (from the shot), but she looked so cozy I didn't want to make her move.

Five hours later we were there.

We got settled in and got a tour of their house. It's cute!

We brought Sadie with us and she was scared to death of their cat. Paige, on the other hand loved the cat and wouldn't leave him alone.

We settled the girls down and went to sleep.

Saturday -
We woke up and Kevin was making pancakes (from scratch!) and bacon. Amber had made pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing (also from scratch!). They were heaven.
Amber had to work, so Kevin took us to see the locks
There's a green barge that has been converted into a bar. Wonder how many people have stumbled out of it in a drunken stupor and accidentally drowned?

and then to the store to pick out some art supplies to decorate the girls' pumpkins. Amber's parents had thrown out seeds and ended up accidentally growing the best looking pumpkins I've seen.

Then we went to pester Amber at work (at her Mom's salon). Lucky for us it was a slow day. Paige read a little bit,

then it was time for a hair cut (her second ever). She sat so much better for Amber than she did for the last lady that cut her hair.

Amber painted her nails too, then did Cadence's.
Notice how serious Cadence looks.
J, Kevin, the girls & I headed to lunch down the street, grabbed some take-out for Amber, then headed back to pester her some more.

When we got back, Amber cut my hair too!
Kevin headed out to pick up some wine, then came back and he got his hair cut too.

We all headed to Amber's family's farm.
A's parents are awesome...very nice and easy to talk to.
We got to see a few calves

Paige kept bringing them handfuls of feed.
A gave the girls a ride on the four wheeler (if you look closely, you can see Cady smooshed in the middle there)

A's Mom gave Paige a raspberry, which P took as an open invite to eat all of their raspberries right off the bush.

Cadence liked the calves, but was very interested in seeing the Mommy cows - so J took her out to the far pasture to see the Mommy cows while A & I headed inside.

Amber's Mom peeled a ton of apples in the amount of time it takes me to peel five. I was in awe.
I met Amber's little sister. She's cute as can be. She was the lucky winner that got to milk the cows (more on that later).

We had dinner, talked a lot...Kevin has married himself into a wonderful family.

We headed back to K & A's house. Cady was out cold by then so I put her to bed while Paige decorated a pumpkin. It's very artistic and creative

We started to watch a movie, but fell asleep, so we headed to bed.

Sunday -
Cadence woke up and decorated her pumpkin while J and I packed the car.

C got an early birthday present from K & A.

Look how delicately she's opening them

Both girls loved the ponies.

We hopped into the car, spent five hours on the road, and made it home around 3:00.

I unpacked, did some laundry, did my weekend cleaning, then relaxed for the rest of the evening.

J watched "Catch and Release" with me, then we headed to bed.

It was a fun weekend - I want to go back in the spring!

Ok, now about milking...
When I got to the farm, I was wearing jeans, an old turtle neck, and some old heels - nothing fancy.

A's mom kept mentioning that I should probably change. I wondered what exactly was going to go down in that barn. I mean, I've seen cows being milked, by hand, on TV, and it didn't look that gross. I couldn't imagine that adding a machine to the process would make it that much messier.

A and her mom bundled up the girls to cover their clothes, and put bandannas on them. A & I were next. She put on some red coveralls and a red bandanna - she actually looked really cute. Frumpy old me, in my blue coveralls and bandanna looked like a troll next to her. Even in frumpy clothes A manages to look cute - not fair ;)

We were dressed to the nines and ready to go in the barn.

It was immaculate. I still just didn't get what was with the gettup. A little milk spillage isn't going to hurt anyone.

There are eighty or so cows, and I think about eight on each side of the, um, alley/gutter (?). Pardon my ignorance.

The poor souls who get to do the milking stand in the alley. The cows come in on each side of the alley - rears facing the milker.

I was perfectly content (a little nervous) when there were just cows on one side...but I was out of there (watching from the sidelines) when both rows were filled with cows.

And here's why...
I'm told that maybe two or eighty cows (ahem) defecate while being milked.
Not a big number, no big deal - explains why someone might want to wear coveralls and boots.

Apparently they were all a little freaked-out by all the visitors because half of them (at least forty of them) shot poop all over the middle of the alley. Some peed too.

I was lucky enough to only get a very mild splatter on the front of the coveralls, barely noticeable.

Paige got freaked out when she saw the first cow poop and headed outside to play with the cats.

I took Cadence into the barn and we both milked. She thought it was neat.

After it was said and done, I thought milking was the coolest thing ever, and was incredibly grateful that A & her Mom took such good care of me.

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  1. Hahahaha! I love your story about milking the cows. BTW: A IS very cute- but you manage to make those overalls sexy, my friend! Sounds like a fun time. I love your pictures, as always.