Saturday, November 1

Austin’s birthday

Austin celebrated his seventh birthday party with his friends from school at a cooking school in the ville. Paige got to go too! They made all types of “under the sea” related food - an octopus, a treasure chest, and shells and cheese. I wasn’t there to take pictures, but I hear it was pretty amazing.

After that Awesome Aunt Monica, Austin and Paige headed to Grandma A’s house for the family birthday party. Monica made a castle cake and bought us pizza!

Austin got some bakogons, a race track, a DS, and some DS games. He’s been asking for a DS for two years (I think). Guess what his favorite gift was? The stinkin’ bakogons. How funny. He DOES love the DS, and the games he got, but it was funny that he liked the $5 toys better than the pricier more sophisticated toy.

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