Tuesday, November 4

MGMT and MKTG: Week Ten

MGMT: We got our group presentation grade and our papers back (100 on both – I had a great team!), and we took the final (five essay questions).

Grades aren’t posted until December, so I have to wait a while, but as long as I got a 53% or better on the final I’ve got an A in the class.

MKTG is a different story. I was on the cusp of a C (have to get a B in the class).

We turned in our papers and took the final. Dr. S sent an e-mail to us in the morning saying to forget about the essay questions and concentrate on multiple choice. I didn’t know if that would be good or bad. The test was 100 m/c questions, one quarter of which were formula-related. This struck me as odd since he told us last week not to worry about formulas. Lucky for me I knew the formulas inside and out…hopefully it will make up for the rest of the questions I didn’t fare so well on. ;) When I handed in the test Dr. S asked me how it was. I wanted to die. I winced, smiled, said thanks and headed home.

Paige was passed-out on the couch.

Cadence was full of energy. The minute I walked through the door it was “MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY!” at the top of her lungs. Incidentally it didn’t phase sleeping beauty.

I’m done with school! Until next week – then stats starts, but I’m only taking one class and it’s online.

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  1. 100! wow! i'm lucky to be friends with such a smarty pants!