Monday, November 10


I've been taking a break from the computer for the past week...getting tired of being behind it all day at work, and every night for school (or homework). Plus, J rented My Sims Kingdom for the Wii and I've been pretty consumed with that. School starts again Wednesday, and I'm only taking one (online) course this term which means more time to spend with the girls!

They opened a Little Ceasar's in town a few weeks ago (think cardboard with cheese - but it's ironically tasty). J picked up a few pizzas yesterday, but no crazy bread! Who goes to Little Ceasars and doesn't get crazy bread? The pizza was a nice surprise :)

My parents came home yesterday. Paige was so excited. The girls and I stopped by there last night and checked out the pictures they had and got to hear a bit about their trip.

Cadence has had a hard time being nice lately. She and Paige were fighting over Austin's blue chair. C was sitting in it first but got up for a second. P hopped into it. C got mad and sat next to me. Keep in mind there was a similar yellow chair right next to it. P got up and sat next to Grandma A. Grandpa A (being the stinker that he is), told C to hurry and get in the blue chair. P heard him and ran to the blue chair. C was just a few steps away as P approached the chair. C grabbed the chair out from under P.

While we were gone, J put up the Christmas lights. The plan was to test them this weekend, then put them up next weekend so they'd be ready to turn on the day after Thanksgiving. The neighbor put theirs up yesterday which was all J needed to signal his wait was over.

Insurance won't cover P's meds since she's under six. We're waiting on her ped to come back from vacation to talk about other options.

Cadence's levels were high so they increased her dosage and she needs to go back to see Dr. T in one month instead of four. We take her to her speech and hearing screening tomorrow - wish us luck.

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  1. is there a reason to think that her hearing is not normal? poor thing.

    as far as C being naughty - leave it up to these second borns to fight for EVERYTHING!