Friday, November 21

Working Stiff

The week was action-packed at work. I've been looking forward to today - nice and quiet (for the most part).

I'm off Monday (and almost every Monday for the rest of the year). "Is this because you hate Mondays," one might ask? Nope - it just so happens to be the day J works from home, and I have to drive myself in, braving the cold streets of the StL, missing out on the morning power naps I take when I ride with J, and have to park the car myself. So, instead of sucking it up, I decided to disperse vacation time accordingly.

Until a few weeks ago we had Jason's computer and the girls' computer in the living room.

I finally talked J into moving it downstairs. I went downstairs the other day and noticed it was uncomfortably cold. I wondered how J could work down there every Monday without freezing. He didn't say anything about it, so I didn't bring it up.

The other day I asked what he thought of converting C's room into an office, since she sleeps in P's room every night anyway. He contemplated it for all of three seconds, then immediately proceeded with the transformation. Funny how quickly the man can move when he really wants to.

We were supposed to be dog-sitting Maggie and Angel this weekend at our house, but the plans got changed. Instead we're checking in on them periodically at their house. P was disappointed. She was so looking forward to having them around. It's a lot less stressful on everyone this way though.

Some of you have been asking how P is doing on her meds. She had a rough start, but is doing much much better. She takes the pill every morning like a champ, and has been working more dilligently in class with no side effects.

I've been working feverishly on Christmas gifts over the past week - I'll post a sneak peek soon.

This weekend the girls and I are working on Christmas shots (some for the cards and some for other things).

And {drum roll please}

I got my MKTG grade yesterday - I PASSED!!!!!
I got big fat B, but I'll take that over a C any day.

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  1. congratulations on your mktg grade, you genius! i am so proud of you!

    we have three bedrooms too - the boys share one and i have an office for blogging in the other. sweet!