Sunday, December 14

The Big Three Oh and the bracelets

Happy Birthday to me.

I had cheesecake for breakfast - it was great. Got a few phone calls faring me well, which was awesome.

I called Missy to check on Brianna (she spent some time in the ER last night) and Missy and - Megan sang Happy Birthday to me - it brought a big smile to my face (thanks!)

So...what'd I get?

I got the boots a few weeks ago. As you know, boots and boobs sound a lot alike when spoken quickly. This particular gift has been the source of a lot of humor. Said boots are below.

The girls picked out some new gloves and a scarf, and a bath set (not pictured)

J picked out some chocolates!

Ok, enough about me. Katelyn is getting baptised today, and Isabella celebrated her first birthday last night.
I made Bella these
and Katelyn these

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  1. happy belated bday! i am a terrible friend for not calling. those boots are damn sexy! you go girl!