Friday, December 26

Christmas Eve

J took the girls to Awesome Aunt Monica's house to bake cookies on Wednesday. It's possible that he was there to help supervise the kiddoes while M worked on our Christmas Eve dinner.

I worked most of the day, then headed over to M's for dinner. It was awesome and I hope she does it again next year (wink wink).

This is Monica & Austin's first Christmas in the new house. Here are some pics from her tree...


and one of the Peanuts guys.

Monica showed-off the wreath Austin made her at school. It's one of my favorite shots of her even though it was severely underexposed and grainy. The B&W works well though, right?
Austin opened some presents
Paige did too
Cadence liked opening and handing out presents.
Mom's first Christmas post-cancer.
He only smiles like this when he thinks no one is looking!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I kept the camera out of my hands for the most part on Christmas day.

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  1. that picture of monica is so cool - it looks like you meant it to be grainy like you used a PS filter on it. Good job!

    That is also the best picture of your dad i have ever seen on your blog.

    I love the pictures of the ornaments!