Wednesday, December 10

The Holiday Season

Yesterday I forgot to bring my lunch (as did Jason) so he planned on stopping by Dee Dee's and grabbing lunch for us both. Dee Dee's was packed, so he headed to the Bread Co and surprised me with a large Green Tea. Yep - large. I LOVE that drink on Earth. Anyway, I had no idea they'd make a large (it's not on the menu). Anyway, that was the highlight of my day.

A few minutes after J got back to work, he got a call from daycare. Anji said Cadence puked all over the place. Nice visual, I know. We both left and finished up the day working from home.

She can't go back to school until Thursday so I'm working from home again today. The VPN keeps giving me the boot and I'm ready to start throwing things. I have back-to-back conference calls all day (with the exception of 12:00 - 1:00). Working from home is definitely over rated. At least today anyway.

The highlight of today is Christmas cards! I love this time of year. Each day - new cards - new pictures. My favorite though, comes from Trinity. When I went there each kid designed a Christmas card. Out of those cards, a winner was chosen and hundreds of the cards were printed. Then the kids (in grades K through 8) each write inside a card (or two or three). Then one of the cards are mailed to each family of the congregation. I used to love doing that. Now I love receiving them. A lot of you would see these cards and not be too impressed, but it really is quite touching.

I hope you all are enjoying holiday cards as much as I am.

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  1. your card rocked! i love the black and white - very sophisticated, very krista. you should be receiving mine soon.

    "I was ready to start throwing things" you crack me up!