Wednesday, December 17

No Subject

I'm on the cusp of breaking down with a full-on cold. I'm completely drained, completely unmotivated, and all I want to do is curl up with a good movie.

So why am I on the internet instead? We just got cable and I don't know the lineup yet. We've been with Direct TV for far too long and the channels are engraved in my brain. On any given day that wouldn't be a deal breaker, as I realize the station abbreviations are listed right. there on the screen for me...I'm just too bothered to scroll through the screens.

I should be wrapping up my Stats midterm about now, but the blackboard site's sluggish so the deadline was extended to Friday. I'm talking it tomorrow.

I opened my birthday presents from my parents the other day. The big gift was the trip to see TSO a few weeks back. I got a candle set. Jason had noticed it at my parents' house a few weeks ago and had been eyeing it ever since. Guess we're both excited about that one. He's the only guy I know who's as interested in candles as I am. Very odd. I got a brown Tommy Tee - yes BROWN. Love it. And, the cherry on the cake was the annual 'Houses & Shops' ornament for me tree!

I'm off to go stalk Rebecca's blog. Join me if you like (see Bex far the link). Leave her some love (comments) she digs that.

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  1. you are the cat pajamas. thanks for the shout out.

    i am so unhip. i googled tommy tee. did your parents give you a t-shirt from a german rapper?

    v impressed that j likes candles. b tolerates my candle obsession and i think he finds relief that i incessantly purchase glade or febreze candles bc he knows it could be so so so much more $$$.