Friday, December 5


Better late than never.

I love going to my Aunt Cheryl's for Thanksgiving. This year was no exception.

The girls and I baked some cookies the night before
I got to see how much Isabella had grown.

And I finally got to meet Baby Katelyn.
Here she is with her Grandma M
and her awesome big sister
Paige needed a turn with her too
Then she needed to kiss Cadence so she wouldn't feel jealous.
Baby K took a break with Mom and Dad
While Adrienne and Cadence hung out.

1 comment:

  1. awww.... looks like paige needs another sibling. chop chop!

    love LOVE that pic of her giving c a kiss.

    lets not forget those cookies! first of all, they look amazing - and second of all, will you teach me how to shoot food? you are talented!