Thursday, January 15

Is it bad when...

Is it bad when you walk into daycare and you hear "Cady and Steven sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G ..."

Paige has always operated under the premise that boys are gross. She'll talk to them, but doesn't want to spend time with them unless it's necessary.

Steven's Mom (Chelsea) works at the daycare and taught Steven that Cadence is his girlfriend. They hold hands and read together. Chelsea and I have a strict no kissing policy to which the kids comply (so far at least). Two of the school-aged girls (I'm guessing age 9 or 10) started the song, and of course they got Paige to sing along too so I'm sure I'll hear it again later tonight.

Poor Cadence. This is one of those things that I'll torment her about as a teen - when she and Steven will probably hang with different crowds and they'll be mortified to have ever been associated with each other.

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  1. isn't cadence three? that's not too young these days?

    you are so brave to mother two girls.