Tuesday, January 27

Snow Day

The girls finally got to play in some snow this afternoon. I think they've only ever played in the snow once or twice (lack of snow and respiratory issues). They had a great time. Cadence was giggling like I'd never seen her before. They only stayed out for a few minutes - they got too cold ;)

It's still snowing. J bought a shovel yesterday in anticipation of the storm. I think he secretly likes using it - he's been out there three times already today. It was sleeting when we were out.

Cady was so happy in her goofy hat.
And she LOVED that it was still snowing a little
Paige took to throwing snow balls. She had GREAT form and excellent follow-through
Her poor little cheeks were so red
Cadence was wiped out after coming in.
Paige was ready to snuggle up
School's cancelled again tomorrow - more snow and ice.

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  1. awwww! gorgeous pictures! LOVE the one of paige and her big beautiful eyes.