Wednesday, January 14

Why I love our school district

Paige is still having a tough time at school. Her meds are making her more sensitive than usual and she isn't having the fun that a Kindergartener should have. That being said, she's come a long way since she has started her meds - but not far enough. J and I headed to the Primary today to meet with P's teacher, the assistant principal, her RtI teacher, and the school psych. They each were friendly and welcoming, but what really struck me was how much they seemed to care about Paige. They talked like she wasn't just a student. They were all soft spoken and highlighted the positive. Seemed very 'Kindergarten' to me. I loved it. We decided to move her to tier three in RtI and talked about expectations.

J was cute after we left. I had talked a little bit about how Paige is a visual learner. He asked me where he could learn more about how visual learners learn so he could help her (aww). He may spend all his free time playing WoW and learning to be a bigger loser than he already is, but he loves Paige and wants to help in any way he can.

We spent the rest of the day locked inside to house avoiding the arctic temps the news team keeps talking about.

Remember my stats class? I've been on break for three or four weeks so I haven't mentioned much about it. I had an optional class tonight to cover hypothesis testing. It didn't last long. I popped in the see my Mom and thank her profusely for letting me use her parking pass so I wouldn't have to hike a mile to get to class. Awesome Aunt Monica was there so I got her opinion on Paige's situation. Always nice to have a seasoned professional in the family.

No pics today ;)

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  1. "...bigger loser than he already is..." awww.... true love! you are so cute!