Wednesday, February 25

526 - week one

I played hooky today! Well, I scheduled off in advance, but it felt like playing hooky.

J picked Sadie up from the vet today and she looks great. She was very energetic and happy to be home. Eight years ago, when we went through this with Nelly and Zoey I remember it being a bigger deal. We had to keep them calm and try to keep them, from jumping around. They were pretty sleepy and groggy too.

Cady played hooky from school today too. J, Cadence & I headed to the pet shop to pick out a new collar for Sadie, then stopped by Old Navy to get a present for Susan's new baby girl!
We took Cadence to lunch at Farmer's, where she made several new friends (including one with an English accent). She's such a ham when we've got her all to ourselves. I had forgotten how hilarious she is.

J left to pick Paige up from school while C & I took a long nap. When C woke up and saw Paige, the first thing she said was "Oooh, Paige, I got you a prize!" (Cadence had insisted we get a bouncy ball and dice for both her and Paige while we were at Old Navy). C ran to get the shopping bag and said "Look, Paigie." P looked inside and said "Aww, that's awesome Cady, thanks!" "Welcome Paige," said Cadence. Paige said, "Oh, I have something for you too!" as she handed Cadence some rocks she had picked up outside. It was sweet.

It's hard to leave on the nights when they're being so sweet to each other. I stopped by my Mom's to get the pass. Her neighbor was there - I hadn't met her before, she was really nice.

I made it to class on time despite horrendous parking conditions ;) There were a lot of familiar faces there. I think it'll be a fun class (interesting anyway).

Cadence was still awake when I got home at 11:00! I think her nap was too long. It made me smile though - love being able to say goodnight to them.

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