Monday, February 23

536 - Week One

I left work (late) and headed straight to my parents' house to pick up Mom's parking pass. I got to spend some time with Austin while Monica wrote a paper.

Krista: "You're the cutest little boy ever."
Austin: "Yeah, Mom tells me that all the time"

Modest, isn't he.

I called J and had him check on my villagers. He's such a good sport.

He told me that Paige said "What" is the 'nerd word' of the day. What's that mean? Your guess is as good as mine. Evidently the kids try to trick each other into saying "what" and laugh and say "you said the nerd word." My child is officially a geek.

Class went well despite my killer headache. Professor H is awesome. Very smart and great sense of humor. The best part? No tests - just projects!

I'm back on the MBA diet. Fast food and unusual food pairings. I had pineapple at my Mom's to tide me over until after class, then ended with dry rice krispie cereal and a brownie after I got home. I'll have to seriously reconsider Wednesday's dinner


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  2. 1. "what" is the nerd word? clever!

    2. i miss these posts, thanks for bringing them back

    3. you should start carrying trail mix - and maybe bananas or oranges. maybe bagels? possibly jerky of some sort. healthy type snacks - at least they have less cholesterol! who am i to talk? i survive almost solely on coffee, gold fish and dry cheerios until dinner. i just felt like issuing unwarranted advice, that's all!

    4. my last comment, the one i deleted, had far too many grammatical errors. perhaps i should take my own advice so i will think straight!