Sunday, February 8

The Princess Pack, the bloody nose, and the bowling alley

Saturday I watched Brianna, Megan, and Robbie while Missy & Rob headed to the eye doctor. Cece came over to play for a while too. They had fun.

Cece & Paige decided to create this posse called the Princess Pack. They made Cady join too, and they all had to dress up like Princesses. Cadence was running around in her frilly blue dress, slipped and landed face-first on the hard-wood. She got a bloody nose and a swollen lip. Poor C has had more bloody noses than any kid her age should. It looks much better today, but I still feel terrible for her.

When it was time for Cece to head home, Paige walked her to her door. They decided to race. I always thought Cece was fast - but Paige's legs moved faster than I'd ever seen. She got there in half the time it took Cece. Paige attributed her super speed to the aqua shoes she was wearing. Interesting logic.

Today Paige went to Kyler's birthday party at the bowling alley. It was her first time bowling (if you exclude Wii bowling). She did pretty good. It took a few times for her to get really into it, but once she did she liked it. Paige didn't want cake or soda. The other parents couldn't believe it. Cadence doesn't like cake either. Odd children I have. Paige waited patiently as Kyler opened her presents and handed out the goodie bags. I think P had a good time.

I'm dedicating the rest of my day to studying for my stats final Wednesday - wish me luck!

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  1. So P is doing great on her meds - fantastic!

    note to self: get some aqua shoes.