Monday, February 2

'That's awesome'

Cadence has picked up some interesting lingo over the past few months. She uses the word 'nice' a lot. She uses it much like I'd use the word 'sweet'. For example, if a football player get a touchdown, she might say "Nice!" Or if Paige draws a kick ass picture, she'll be heard saying 'nice!'

When I asked her if she was good, she says "No way."

The cutest thing lately is 'that's awesome.' If we tell her we're having pizza for dinner, she says 'that's awesome.' Or if we say "Megan's coming over," she'll say 'that's awesome.'

She's finally big enough for a high-back booster instead of her five point harness car seat. While the harness is much safer, it's a real pain to fasten when she's bundled up - she really pushes the limits of the straps. She's been old enough since October, but wasn't big/heavy enough.

Paige started her new meds over the weekend. So far so good. She has to take them twice a day and seems to be more attentive, but still 'Paige.' She gets excited and smiles - somthing lacking when she was on Adderall.

Cece and David came over yesterday for a while. Normally David and Cadence do their own thing, ignoring each other. Yesterday Cady was glued to David. It was really sweet. They played with dolls, watched Blue's Clues, and played dolls some more.

Sunday morning we met my parents and sister for Jason's birthday breakfast. Then we made the best spaghetti ever for a late lunch.

Tonight I'm working on Stats (final's in a week!) so probably won't edit any pics. Back to the books.


  1. that was such a cop out comment! hahaha! cadence is cute! i love hearing the cute things that come out of kids mouths. i wish you could record it and post it on your blog.