Friday, March 27

526 - week four

I stopped by my parents' house to get the parking pass and was pleasantly surprised with dinner! They're so good to me.

About two minutes before I made it to school, I called my Mom to ask her if they had talked to the photographer about our church pictures. Monica mentioned that I forgot the pass on the end table. If I turned around to get it I'd be about 10 minutes late to class. :(

They offered to bring the pass to me on campus! That more than made up for Monica's remark earlier in the evening about me not being an intellectual because I don't have my master's (yet). .

A rep from the international travel study program talked to us pitching a trip to Brazil this summer. I was perplexed at how fast Dr. W talked after that. I think he wanted to get out of there early. We talked about the midterm next week...specifically how hard it will probably be.

Lecture and the presentation were finished by 9 - but we spent about an hour and a half on group work. Long night.

While I was gone, Jason taught Paige to say she's wicked smart. And they had a conversation about buying a 4-wheeler. Paige said she and J could buy one as long as they didn't tell me because I'd "beat his butt." Interesting.

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  1. your family is so good to you! hang in there and you, too, can wave your masters around!