Thursday, March 5

526 - week two

Yesterday J and I hurried home, and I flew to class to meet my Mom by 5:25 on campus. I got her parking pass, and a sweet parking spot.

One of Dr. W's greatest assets is the ability to sense when we've had more lecture than we can take. He plans the night well. Two and a half hours of lecture, thirty five minutes of a team presentation, and an hour of group work and I was on my way home. We got a lot of the IS@Work project outlined and I'm not nearly as overwhelmed as I was a few days ago. I stopped by my parents' house to drop off the pass then headed home, ate dinner, and took care of some things. I got to bed too late.

Jason did an awesome job with the kids while I was gone. He didn't forget to do ANYTHING. Very proud.

Evidently they talked and Paige decided that she wanted to buy her lunch at school instead of bring it. So today she did. I was nervous because I didn't think she'd remember her student code. (I wrote it on her hand this morning just in case).

At work today I got a call from the nurse at school. She said she had sent home Paige's pill bottle and asked if I found it. I admitted to not being home and not knowing if we had it or not. It was empty it didn't matter, and I let her know that we were picking up her new script after work so she'd have more meds there tomorrow.

When we got to daycare P was surprisingly calm. Normally she's so wound up by then that we can't sit down with her to do homework. She was in such a great mood. She was so happy when I asked about her day...she loved buying her lunch and sitting with her friends (the kids that bring their lunch sit together and the kids that buy sit together). It's the happiest I've seen her in a while. Who knew such a small detail could make such a difference?

J and I are off tomorrow (with the exception of one call I have to take at noon)...looking forward to the long weekend. Cadence's PreK/Early childhood screening is tomorrow morning. Looking forward to that too.

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