Tuesday, March 31

536 - week five/five

Monica called me today to announce that she, too, has hypothyroidism. Ironically, we were both happy. It means there's a reason she's been feeling so crummy. One pill a day, for life will fix things. Simple as that. So great news (kind of). Hopefully her meds will kick in soon and her levels will be where they should be soon. Usually it takes a few weeks, but could take up to a few months. Then come the periodic blood checks. She has slippery veins - so that's rough.

Jason stopped by the rec center yesterday to start a family membership. Paige had such a good time at the party Friday that we wanted her (and Cadence) to be able to go more often. Besides, it couldn't hurt for J and I to subject ourselves to a bit of exercise. Cadence hasn't been in the children's pool yet - I can't wait to see what she thinks! Last summer she loved swimming at Grandma and Grandpa A's house.

My Mom had her shoulder dislocation follow-up appointment yesterday. She dented her shoulder (?) and, as a result, is not more apt to dislocate it again. If it happens too often she'll have to have surgery. I've decided that March just isn't her month. (last yea in March she was diagnosed with endometrial cancer).

Last night marked the end of CMIS 536. Risk Management (537) starts next Monday in it's place. We turned in our project procurement management papers, and got our grades from our group presentations. 96% - not bad considering we didn't have any cost information available and estimated the whole thing (read: made it up). We sat through lecture, worked on the BEA case, then (tried to) read another case in class. At that point though, no one was retaining anything, so Professor Hunter told us all to go home. It was nice.


  1. i think its a sign of aging that we get really excited and happy when we hear medical news like this: "guess what! your condition is manageable!" YAY! let's open the champagne! (but first check your prescription bottles to make sure you can drink)

  2. Lisa is at the Rec Center every day. Maybe Jason will run into her and talk about fixing her roof.