Monday, March 16

"Did you call me today?"

Yesterday my Mom dislocated her shoulder. She said it was the worst pain she's ever been in. Including childbirth (without pain medication). More than one doctor has told her that she has a high tolerance for pain. I felt terrible for her. I've never seen her like that. My Dad called 911 (they thought it was broken) and she went to the hospital. M was at my house enjoying an afternoon with her nieces when we got the call. I ditched the girls with J and headed to the hospital with Monica.

We got there about an hour after she did and she was STILL strapped to the board the EMTs had her on. After torturous examination and several x-rays they decided it was dislocated. Given her health history they didn't want to sedate her to pop it back into place because they might not be able to resuscitate her (if need be). They wanted to call in the orthopedic surgeon to have it popped back in the OR - where they have better equipment should she need to be revived. The surgeon wanted the team to go ahead & try it with medium sedation instead of knocking her out. The doctor made us (well, me anyway) feel better about the procedure until...

This young quirky nurse came in and told us this story about how even with medium sedation people have stopped breathing, and it's pretty routine. He got some equipment out that they would use to help assist her breathing if she stopped. My Dad wasn't in the room at that point, it was just Monica and I with her. Not sure how he'd react to the 'well, she'll probably stop breathing and we may or may not be able to resuscitate her' idea that had just been inserted in our heads. A lot of drama for a dislocated shoulder.

So, they sedated her, popped it back in with ease, took more x-rays and said she was almost as good as new. They gave her a blue sling (I need to make it pretty for her) and told her not to move her arm at all for a few days. They sent her home a few hours later with some pain meds and told her to get some rest.

I didn't call today because I hoped she might be resting and didn't want to wake her. Monica called me this morning and told me that she was still in pain, but didn't take the pain meds (stubborn). M was working from Mom's this morning to help her with some things. I suggested that if Mom didn't take her pain meds that she grind them up and put them in her coffee. I don't think she did. ;) She has a follow-up today at 2:30.

My Mom called around 9:30 to ask if I had called her today. I said no - lol and she was offended. I did reassure her that I got the scoop from Monica and did care at least enough to get the update from my loving sister.

Please keep her in your thoughts - she's hurting pretty bad.


  1. i don't understand why people don't take pain medication? hello? do you enjoy pain? my mom calls it, exquisite pain. then again, you know what a weird household i grew up in! i hope she feels better soon. i'll have a drink for her. happy st. paddy's day!

  2. When I was reading that you didn't call your mom I thought, "oh is she gonna pay for that..."

    I know this because it sounds like we have the same mom. :)