Sunday, March 22

The Little Black Dress

Last week we were at the store picking out cereal.

Paige typically likes anything with Barbie, or Hannah Montana, or some other cutesy little girl iconic figure.

That evening, however, I was pleasantly surprised at my young daughter. We made it most of the way down the aisle (passed Barbie and Hannah), and Paige yelled "Stop!" She spotted the new box design for Wheat Chex. On it was a sophisticated young lady wearing a sharp black dress and pearls.

I was so proud of her. Sadly I did encourage her to choose another cereal - one she might actually like. But I am SO proud of her for the temporary appreciation of the sophisticated things in life.

1 comment:

  1. OF COURSE she will enjoy sophisticated things - she is, after all, your daughter. and you are one of the most sophisticated people i know!