Sunday, March 8

Our policemen are easy on the eyes.

J and I were on vacation Friday so we could take Cadence to her PreK/Early Childhood screening. They confirmed the speech delay and let us know that she's right on track in the other areas. We're going in for a full screening on the 27th so they can get more 1:1 time and figure out a plan of attack.

Saturday Paige went to Hannah's birthday party at the bowling alley. She had a good time but was still pretty clingy. After the party she & I headed to my parents house, then to church. After church I headed home and P spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa A's house.

And as further evidence that I can't leave J and Cadence alone: J bought Cady a new Dora trike. She looks at something, says "I want that," and gives him that killer smile. I imagine he said no, then she probably said "Please," and gives him the puppy dog eyes. He says no again, and she follows with "I love you." That's the same routine I get, but I can usually stick to "no' when I tell her. J just melts.

...this would be a great place for a picture of C on her trike, but my camera battery died...

C and I stayed up late (for her) watching movies - good times.

Missy came over Sunday and we took some pictures. In the process, Robbie snuck my cell phone and called 911. We didn't find out until the rather good looking police officer showed up at the door. That wasn't embarrassing at all (note the sarcasm). About this time last year I had another encounter with a good-looking officer because the plates had expired. Where do we find all of these cute policeman?

To add to the embarassment, my parent showed up to bring Paige home just as the policeman was leaving.

The little ones all layed down for a nap so J said he'd watch them (and Paige) while Missy Bri and I headed to the store.

It was a long day and I'm ready to crash.


  1. send some of those handsome officers my way!

  2. We just finished four months of speech therapy with our son. He's back on track! It worked out really well for us, so I wish you the best of luck.