Monday, March 16

The Police (again)

If this keeps up, we'll have to leave town.

J and I went to bed between 10:00 or 10:30 - not a late night for us. It had been a long day. We were both sound asleep at 11:45 when we hear this obnoxious, obsessive doorbell ringing.

Jason: "What the hell is that?"
Krista: "Shouldn't they be in bed?!" thinking it was David and Cece
Jason: "Ugh" as he peeks out the window.
Jason throws a shirt on and says, "It's the police."
as the doorbell ringing and knocking continue.
Krista: "Huh?"
I look around and see Paige in the bed so I knew nothing was wrong with her.
I went into Cady's room to make sure she was there - and she was.
Ok, I can stop panicking now.

I heard J talking to two officers and went down to join him. They had come inside, but none of the lights were on. My first thought was about how rude it was for J not to turn the lights on - lol, not remembering that he himself had just rolled out of bed. Evidently someone with a brown Nissan had stolen something from Walmart and the plates on the car were registered at our address. We assured him that we don't own a Nissan and we all determined that the car probably belonged to one of the two prior residents of the house. Excellent detective work, eh? We're the third couple to live in the house since it was built, so I think they'll find their culprit pretty quickly. The officers apologized and went off to figure out where they were going to find the illusive Nissan driver. Chances are, if they stole something from the Walmart in our town, they probably live in/near our town and won't be too hard to find sine the population is something like 300 people (j/k).

That makes two visits by the police in the past two week. Hopefully that late at night nobody noticed.

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  1. wow! you guys are like bonnie and clyde - but the legal kind!