Thursday, April 30

8 is great - tagged by Bec

While I may be tardy getting the fun: things done, I do my best to comply. Bec tagged me and I couldn't refuse.

8 things I look forward to:
* completing my MBA
* the release of the nest Harry Potter movie
* the completion of the encryption project
* summer weather (I might be regretting this in the next few month).
* Rebecca's next trip to StL
* Getting a new swimsuit
* The end of the school year for Paige
* Monica's summer break!

8 things I did yesterday:
* Drove to work by myself
* Parked in the wrong garage (my regular one was closed)
* Took my 526 final
* Talked to Cadence on the phone
* Took Paige to school
* Spent too much time on Facebook
* Watched 90210 (DVR)
* Stalked some blogs

8 things I wish I could do:
* knit
* be a better test-taker
* read minds
* have more time for fun things
* make someone happy without inevitably making someone else mad.
* lose the rest of my 3 year old baby weight without trying
* be nicer to people I don't like
* have more hours in the day

8 shows I watch:
* House
* 90210
* America's Next Top Model
* Lipstick Jungle (think it has been cancelled)
* One Tree Hill
* Celebrity Apprentice
* Diego (not by choice)
* Dora (not by choice)

And finally, I'm not tagging anyone - I only know a handful of people who blog obsessively like I do. But if you want to play - please do!

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  1. yay! you played!

    one cool thing about this game is seeing how everyone's is so starkly different from one another. yours shows that you are a busy mom, working and going to school with big ambitions that you clearly have the drive to attain. and you are very pretty and don't need to lose any weight at all!