Tuesday, April 7

CMIS/MGMT 537: Week One

Normally I drive to work on Mondays, but since Jason's been working at the IRS site for the past few days to wrap some things up for the gvmt project, he drove. It put me in a time crunch, but since my Mom's back to working normal hours this week I didn't have to be on campus as early and got to eat dinner at her house! Thanks Mom!
Last night was week one of five in Risk Mgmt. Prof H divided us into teams for our project...not to brag, but I have what I consider the smartest team in the class. Ha ha. Our project will revolve around identifying and mitigating risks associated with implementing an emergency communication system for the Fed and all the banks in the district.
I'm spending part of the day tomorrow helping with Paige's Easter party in her classroom. It'll be all types of chaos and I'm really looking forward to it! :)  The rest of the day will be spent getting the house ready for our big Easter bash this weekend, and prepping for the group presentation in class. I might (just might) pull Cady out of daycare early to try to get some Easter pictures.

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  1. yay! easter pics! i look fwd to pics from you of any kind - you just have a way with your camera (ooh la la!)