Thursday, April 23

The Cubs, Earthweek, Photo Ops, and the Robots

Yesterday when dropping Cadence off at school, I couldn't help but notice the shirt her teacher was wearing. Screened across the front was the word CUBS. I had no idea I was subjecting my child to a Cubs fan. It's one thing to be a Cubs fan, but it's another to advertise that in front of my young impressionable daughter. I was very disappointed.
Tuesday night Paige was tasked with creating a craft project out of recyclable materials (or materials that might have elsewhere found themselves in the garbage). We (like most of the kids in her class) made a bird feeder. We painted an empty milk jug pink and disassembled some silk flowers that were on their way to the garbage anyway. I know, it's boarder line cheating, but it worked. We glued the leaves to the bottom of the jug, and the flowers around the sides. Paige thinks it looks like a suitable home for Tinkerbell. When we get it back I'll take a picture. We ran out of time.
Speaking of pictures, Greg O mentioned that the new fountain in the park is running and that we can go up the stairs now. He claims it's the best view ever and that I should bring my camera. I had seen the fountain, and yes, it's pretty, but is it worth lugging my camera to work, crossing the street, and risk looking like a tourist all just to get a shot of a fountain I get to see every day? Evidently there are steps behind the massive fountain and it will make for an amazing shot. We shall see. The fact that he thought of me and how much I'd probably love to get the shot made me smile. 
Class was interesting last night. We were talking about Green IT and Ethics. We addressed them as separate entities and were careful not to bring politics into it. Did you know Google scans messages you send from your Gmail account and uses key words to customize the advertisements you see in the margins? Anyway, we talked about appropriate and inappropriate use of data and I brought up the movie Minority Report. Should someone be help liable now for an action they will commit in the future? Probably not. That lead to a spin-off discussion of the movies Terminator and I, Robot. Since most of us in the class are computer geeks, we talked about current projects involving robots and things that have gone terribly wrong. We're collectively terrified for our kids and their kids. As my own personal form of protest, my Mom's robo-vacuum is not allowed in my house. ;)

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  1. robots ARE eventually going to take over the world. there's really nothing we can do about it at this point. the ball is rolling.

    i think you need to pull C out of that school - or at least write a letter to the principal.

    PLEASE lug your camera and look all touristy and take pictures! i want to see my beloved STL!