Saturday, April 11

Easter Prep

Awesome Aunt M came over to watch the kids while J and I got the house ready for tomorrow. She gave them an Easter goodie bag and dyed eggs with them.

Paige didn't have her meds today and was a bit uncontrolled when she got to play with the glitter putty.
Can you tell she's wearing her Christmas dress from two (or maybe three?) years ago? It's a play dress now. The girls changed clothes several times today - for no apparent reason.

She calmed down when it was time to color eggs though. Monica has a real way with the girls. They listen to her way better than they listen to a lot of other people. Maybe it's because she spends most of her days working with kids. Maybe it's because she's awesome.
Cadence put a lot of thought into the whole process.
Note her outfit too. She had on her third set of clothes. Set #2 was Paige's leo from last year (you can see it under her shirt). #3 is an outfit she got in the mail. She's not quite big enough for it this year, but maybe in a year or so.

She was very careful when taking her eggs out of the dye.

Later Grandma and Grandpa A came over to drop off some tables, chairs, and some other things for the party tomorrow.
Thanks for all the help today!

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  1. hahaha! paige looks a little maniacal in that first picture! that's funny!

    they both look like such little women. i am especially impressed with c. since she is younger - she is losing that baby-toddler look and going into the little girl look. aww..... your baby is growing up!

    those egg dye holders are cool!