Tuesday, April 28

I Digg it

I realized yesterday that I've been neglecting the blogs that I stalk on a regular basis. Sick kids, work and school will do that to you. I caught up with a few of the blogs last night.
My favorite came from my sister last Tuesday. I started reading the ADHD post at the tail end of break and didn't notice that Prof H started talking again. I laughed out loud drawing a lot of unwanted attention to myself. I had to fill them in on what I had just read. You'd have to know my exBIL to think it's humorous. I also shared it with J the minute I got home from class - it made him laugh too.
I admired Bec's soccer shots and the B&W library shots, and then realized I missed another week of FFF.
Unrelated, thanks to Norm and Joe I've spent a lot of time lately on digg and slashdot. Here are some links I think you should check out from Digg (hopefully none of my links are broken):
There's a Map tracking the swine flu.
There's an article about Green monitors that know when you're not there. Very creepy in my opinion.
Since googling oneself became quite the rage a few years ago, Google's decided to launch a tool that helps people place info and find  info about themselves others. This tool should enable nosey BILs to google you even stalk your blog from work.
Perhaps the most disturbing is that there may be a WoW ap for the iPhone. No big deal, right? Not unless Verizon partners with Apple and offers the iPhone to its customers.

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  1. thanks for the shout out! and how dare you miss my meme. i joke. but you will feel like your life has more meaning if you participate. really.