Wednesday, April 22

I’m not interested in getting dressed

Yes, my three-year-old may have speech problems, but she's witty, cute as a button, and has a large vocabulary (who cares if no one can understand her). Cadence is definitely not a morning person. Last night she was coloring in bed. Paige tattled to J that Cadence wouldn't give her a color. Evidently Cady had snuck out of bed, grabbed a coloring book and come Crayons, and was coloring. When J walked into her room, she quickly hid the evidence under the covers. Smart girl, but she needs to be a tad bit quicker. We put her to bed at a very reasonable hour, but she stays up late. As a result she's tired and cranky in the morning. Definitely not a morning person. Today, as Jason tried to persuade her to get dressed without an argument, she says "I'm not interested in getting dressed."

Some of you asked how they've been feeling. Cadence is mostly over what she had, and Paige is well enough to go to school, but not 100%. Days are good and nights are rough, but she's in good spirits.

My classes are wrapping up/winding down and I'll have a two week break in a few weeks. I can't wait.

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  1. i'm not interested in getting dressed either, c! i'm a night person by nature too. c and i have so much in common.

    that doesn't seem like she has any speech problems at all.