Sunday, April 5

Max and Ang

We took the girls to see Grandma and Grandpa A today. I brought my camera with the intent of taking a few shots of Paige, but ended up getting some of Maggie and Angel instead.

Maggie licks the air a lot.

She was tired.

Angel naps a lot. She was so cute sleeping on my Dad's legs but the minute I aimed the camera she'd turn her head. Such a diva.

My Mom's reaching the tail end of her stint in the sling.

We headed home and I got settled in for the day then remembered I was supposed to pick up some LightScribe CDs for work. Lucky for me Radio Shack is open until 7:00 on Sundays. LightScribe CDs have proven to be strangely difficult to procure at work.


  1. apart from the sling - your mom looks fantastic! that top is so cute too!

  2. I think you made me look a little too fat.