Saturday, April 4

Robbie's Party

Missy and Rob had Robbie's second birthday party today. He dove into the cake face first. No time to wait for the fork!

His cake was a football/Easter egg combo since his birthday is on Easter this year. Very cute idea.
Have I mentioned Missy has a twin sister (Mandy)? It really creeps me out being around identical twins.
Paige moved too quickly today for me to get any pics of her. Easter pictures should be coming soon! I have to find a time when they're in a good mood and clean. Very hard combo at our house. When they're in a good mood they're playing hard - which results in a huge mess - but a lot of fun.
Cadence took a break from the egg hunt to offer her killer smile.
Here she is reviewing the contents of her eggs and trading with one of the other little girls.
Fun day!

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  1. oh man - cady is so adorable! i want her to marry ethan and have many gorgeous babies.