Friday, May 1

The Endocrinologist

Cadence and I spent the morning at Glennon with one of the best pediatric endocrinologists in the area. She knows exactly how to talk to kids (without scaring them) and their parents (without making them feel like an idiot). After three and a half years of seeing treating Cady, she finally started showing mild concern with her size. I talked earlier about her growing two inches since the fall (which is great) but that was preceded with several months of limited growth). That's normal, and we don't expect either of the girls to be really tall because J and I aren't that tall. Cady's growth has been consistent. It's a word I've taken a lot of comfort in the past few years. She's bounced back and forth from the 3rd to the 5th percentile. It's hard seeing the other kids in her class being so much bigger than she is - but she IS growing, and she's consistent. At this visit she was almost at the top of the 5th percentile. But she still hasn't shown a significant growth spurt. Maybe this summer.

Cadence was such a ham. She has a very charming, and quite large personality. A little boy kept trying to kiss her. I'm surprised she didn't hit him or push him down. She smiled, blushed, and tried to hide her face. She was saved by the bell - the nurse called her back for weight/measurements/and BP checks.

She made friends with another nurse who gave her a few hair ties (pictures coming soon), and charmed the pants off the phlebotomist who gave her stickers and a sucker. I'm pretty sure every kid gets those, but we won't tell Cady that ;)

I stopped by work to introduce Cadence to my team. She liked them, but was over it pretty quickly. We ended up at my Mom's house for a few hours. Despite the blinding pain in her head, she welcomed us and even treated us to lunch - thanks Mom!

We headed to the rec center so J could work out while the girls and I went swimming. We went home and I headed back up there for a Pilates class. A dear friend/fitness guru recommended pilates for the areas I want to work on. She was right, and boy am I feeling it today!

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  1. glad to hear she is doing well! i didn't know you were taking her to an endocrinologist.

    most people i know who have tiny children (my oldest included) just wait to see what happens. so you know, one day you might be like - uh, is G still wearing a 4T? and i'll say, yeah, so? and you'll say, "but he's 14!"

    you meant to say, "a dear friend / stalker ... "