Thursday, May 28


I have a tadpole update (with pictures) - some of them are toads now! And I have some pictures of some baby hats I knitted for Heidi's baby shower Sunday. For now, here's an update on summer classes.

Classes started again this week. I'm been terrified of Finance since I began the program, but it was time to man up and get it over with.

After the first night I felt better about it, but I still think it will be painful.

The first thing Dr. B says when he walks in the room is something about making sure we were all in the right room, followed by a remark about undergrad sociology students one semester "crapping their pants." Can a professor say that?

He really is a funny guy. We talked more about the Obama administration and why the economy is tanking than finance, but I learned a lot.

He talked about being a democrat, growing up in India, and how Alan Greenspan thought banks could self-regulate. I SO wanted to brag-up my employer and talk about how awesome we are, but I didn't go there.

We talked about how Iran and other lunatical (is that a word) countries are good for us. Dr. B says as long as there are crazy nuts, people will move their money to the U.S. because we're awesome. Evidently people who live near Iran (particularly those who use private banks) feel that their money is safer here. Fewer lunatics, I suppose.

Most professors have been really good about pronouncing my last name. This one added an extra syllable to it. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that people do this a lot. So, to make it easier on everyone, I am (informally) changing my last name...I will be adding an "a" after the d. Sounds a little cooler now, doesn't it?

My mind waundered, but Dr. B's laughs pulled me back to reality. That guy laughs a LOT. He seems to quite enjoy his sense of humor. Makes the class less intimidating I guess.

By the end of the class, Dr. B had us all convinced that the biggest problem we face as a society is other people's money.

I'm looking forward to next week.

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  1. knitting hats for a baby shower, discussing global economics - all in a days work for KP!