Saturday, May 9

Fun at Grandma's

The girls wanted to go see Grandma, so we packed up the car & headed out. Cadence was so tired when we got there.
I wanted to get some pictures of the girls for a Mother's Day project for my Mom from the girls. Cadence wouldn't let me take any of her unless she got to hold a flower. So we plucked a nice Iris from Grandma A's garden (sorry Mom).

She wasn't terribly interested in looking at the camera, so we took a break and I shot Paige for a while. She, of course, wanted the flowers too.

Then Awesome Aunt M snagged the camera and got one of Paige and I...
And Cady too...

Then the three of us making goofy faces...
Then one of me.
Thanks Monica!


  1. you are HOT! how is it that you look better with each year? are you benjamin button or something?

    i was going to comment about how cute c was and paige's eyes but i can't remember exactly what i was going to say about them.

    wowza, kp! wowza.

  2. Such a beautiful girl.