Monday, May 25

Lions, Tigers and Bears

We didn't see the lions or bears, but we did see the tigers. We didn't get any good shots - they were lounging too close to the door heading inside. They were cute though. The cubs will be a year old in August.

We spent some time watching the zebras. I think the one on the right was a suspicious of the one behind her - she kept turning to look at her.

The male requested his own space since the women were all driving him nuts. He lives next door to the ladies.

The girls spotted a baby camel snuggling with its Mom.
Look how bendy the giraffes are.

The jag was still sitting in the same spot that he was the last two times we were there. I wonder if he's real or if he's stuffed.
We spent a lot of time watching the prairie dogs.

This little guy was really toeing the line. I'm surprised he didn't fall into the ravine.
Cadence and Jason spent a lot of time talking about the prairie dogs.

Cady had fun driving the boat inside the petting zoo too.

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  1. did you buy a telephoto? your pictures of the zoo are always so good!

    those giraffes would do great in my yoga class.