Wednesday, May 6

Redecorating, the Birdfeeder, and Cady's School

We've moved a lot of furniture to transform Cadence's room back into a bedroom, and decided to add more flair to their rooms. I didn't want Paige to feel left out so I put up a Barbie silhouette...

And finally painted some letters that we've had on hand since she was an infant.

I finally took a picture of Paige's bird feeder .

Today was the meeting where we found out if Cadence gets to go to Paige's school next Fall. She got in! For now she'll see the teacher one day a week for 30 minutes for the next few weeks. Next Fall, she'll attend half a day, five days a week. I'm excited! Granted, we have no way of transporting her there, but we're working on it.

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  1. yay cadence!

    what a lovely bird feeder by the way.

    and visit my blog for a special little something that i've left there for you.