Saturday, May 16


This morning Jason took Paige to sign up to cheer for the Bulldog Club next fall. She was so excited. Cadence and I headed to Rigazzi's to meet the Toth's for lunch. Jason T, his wife Amy, their daughter Allison, and Amy's Mom were in town for Amy's graduation. She's getting her PhD or something insane from Wash U.
Allison was a little tired when we got there.

But then Amy gave her some straws to play with

After cheer sign-up J took Paige with him to Jake's house to build his new PC. Since they wouldn't be home, Cady and I decided to take a detour to Grandma A's house after lunch. Cady had fun helping pick up sticks in the front yard after the storm. She got bored after a while and decided to sit in the rocker and watch.
Cady wasn't ready to go inside yet, so I played with my 14mm lens. My legs are freakishly long

Awesome Aunt M volunteered to watch the girls while J and I went to see Angels & Demons. She even bought them dinner - thanks Monica!

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  1. wow mama! your legs are super long!

    love that picture of C - what a little lady!