Monday, May 4

The Weekend

Since Cadence thinks I've been MIA lately, I decided to take her on an outing this weekend. It ended up being a trip to my Mom's and some shopping with my sister. It was fun, but I'm not sure it solved the perception Cady has about me right now.
Sunday I was supposed to take J out and work with the camera a bit, but I forgot it at my Mom's Saturday. I wanted to take a picture of the Tinkerbell bird feeder that Paige made before the rain ruins it.
We watched Megan and Robbie for a few hours Sunday. They ended up napping half of the time so it was pretty easy. The last hour and a half they spent outside chasing a ball and decorating the driveway with a ton of side walk chalk. Rob gave Robbie the cutest hair cut - he looks like such a grown-up little boy now. Again, wish I had my camera :(
Logan came over after they left and he and Paige spent some time talking about how fast they could run, and had a competition to see who could draw the best Sponge Bob. No idea who won.
It was a quiet uneventful weekend. One more week of class and I get a break!
(Which reminds me, I should be studying for my Risk final tonight)

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  1. still looking for that surgeon to graft your camera on to the end of your arm?