Wednesday, June 17

Charter Internet

We talked about how Charter Communications in one of my classes last week. The word 'hate' was tossed around a lot. With television, we all have a lot of options, Dish Network, Direct TV, and Cable. Unfortunately, if we want high speed internet we're stuck with Charter. A good week would entail our service going down once per week. Typically it's down more often that that. We call customer service, and they fix it in a relatively short amount of time. That's the only redeeming thing I can say about them. Jason works from home, so when we don't have service, it's a pretty big deal.

Yesterday Jason called again. This time he mentioned to the customer service rep that he's frustrated that he has to call so often. He gets transferred to tech support.

Tech lady: "What operating system are you running?"
Jason: "Windows 7"
Tech Lady: "Sir, no such thing exists."
Jason: "Um, yeah, it does."
Tech Lady: "No, there's no such thing as Windows 7. Maybe you're running XP."
Jason: "No, I'm running Windows 7."
Tech Lady: "Are you sure it's not Vista."
Jason: "No, it's Windows 7."
Tech Lady: "Sir, there is no Windows 7."
Jason: (sighs) "Yes. It's Microsoft's newest OS."
Tech Lady: "Oh, we don't support that."
Jason: "It's kind of like XP."
Tech Lady: "Ok, let's troubleshoot XP"

Bunch of brainiacks they have there working at Charter. Seriously people, there's been buzz about Windows 7 for quite some time - at least educate your workforce that it's coming. Surely we're not the only Charter customers testing Windows 7. Good grief.

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  1. wow-vi bet she asked someone else about win 7 after she got off the phone and wished she could swallow her foot.