Monday, June 22

Father's Day or Fathers' Day

Saturday I took the girls swimming and Grandma A's house, then Awesome Aunt M came with us to do some Father's Day shopping.

Jason each let the girls pick out a present for me for Mother's Day so I had to return the favor. I picked out a few cups that look glass, but are plastic (read: not breakable!) for J. Paige found some really cute square black bowls in the same aisle and though he just had to have them (pics coming soon). Cadence, on the other hand, snagged a lovely Hello Kitty shower curtain. I reminded her that it was for J, but decided to go ahead and let her get it for him. I didn't have the heart to say no.

Sunday Cadence was quick to suggest that J open his presents. I had warned him that he might not have a use for Cady's gift and that he might want to exchange it for something more "him." He smiled and hung it up in the girls bathroom (pics coming soon). Probably precisely what Cadence had in mind.

Later we all headed out to lunch then back to my parents' house to swim and to give Grandpa A his presents.

Jason and my Dad headed over to Monica's to take a look at something and they got pulled over on the way home. My Dad didn't get a ticket, although I can't imagine an officer that would give a man a ticket on Father's Day. We all harassed him about it, and he blushed. It was the highlight of my Dad.

Hopefully everyone had a great Father's Day!

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  1. i bet he just loved that hello kitty shower curtain and you probably thought, 'why did we never get him this before?' leave it to the youngest to know exactly what dad wants.

    i pick out two things that b will love and let the kids pick one of them. and of course every year he gets a cheesy father's day t-shirt.