Monday, June 15

Free from the grasp of Twilight

I finished book four. And I have to agree with Beth - toward the end, my heart was broken. At the end, I was happy. I still think she should make a book 5 though :)

I also found out today that Jennifer Weiner has a new book: Best Friends Forever that is supposed to hit the shelf in just a few weeks (thirty days, to be exact). I'm not sold on the notion that this book will be completely amazing, but I'm curious enough to bet I'll be one of the first few in line - that is, unless Ms Weiner herself wants to send me a free copy so I can rave about it without having to wait in line.

If you haven't read anything she's written, are you're curious - check out Little Earthquakes. It's her best, in my opinion. Then read Good in Bed next.

Also, if any of you are brave enough to go see My Sister's Keeper in the theater (you'll cry, I'd bet anything on the fact), check out the book. I was in tears.

Now that I've gotten all the book stuff off my check, I can assure you that after I finished book 4, my life continued just as it had before. I spent the weekend catching up on school stuff and getting ready for my quizzes this week. Missy took Paige and Brianna to soccer yesterday while I watched the little ones. While all the madness was going on (having the Helm's over is nothing less that pure chaos), Jason decided he'd work on Cadence's car. We've had it since she was just over a year old, but she wasn't quite ready to drive it until now. Although, to be quite honest, she's not ready. I'm surprised she doesn't have whip last from all the crashing she did. Anyway, I got some pictures (which have even been processed already!) to post Wednesday. Stay tuned.


  1. I will definitely check out the books you suggested. Always looking for that next good read.
    Read 'My Sisters Keeper" during my honeymoon and loved it. My husband didn't think so when he kept asking "why are you crying".
    Apparantly there is another Twlight book from Edwards perspective. I think it's partially finished and posted on her website. Haven't read that yet.

  2. jennifer weiner is awesomesauce!

    i just read, "Water For Elephants" which was nearly our book club choice but lost out to "Dreaming in Cuban". BIG mistake. "Water... " was amazing.

    Also read "Invisible Monsters" by Chuck Pala/*-/*/* (author of Fight Club). It was dark and grimy and gross and absolutely enthralling. It was like watching a train wreck. And I named my new gas grill after one of the characters.